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Sandy Run Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1854 under a large tree across the street in front of the church's current location. Under the leadership of the church's first pastor, Rev. Coleious Scott, members worshipped for a long time under a bush shelter during the days of slavery. 

In 1864, a log church was built in the same spot; subsequently moving across the street and building a framed facility where the church now stands. Other ministers contributing to the forward march pf the were Rev. George Rhodes, Rev. B.E. Davis, Rev. M.D. Standford, and Rev. J.E. Kornegay. 

In 1942 Rev. E. W. Wooten became the new pastor and led a plan to erect the church's first brick building; the new building was erected in 1953 at an estimated cost of $68,000. The church grew from having one Sunday per month service to a full-time church with modern facilities and a parsonage. 

On December 16, 1970 after having launched a drive to build a housing project for the Jacksonville community Rev. Wooten and church officers closed on a $2.5 million federal housing project for low income families. During that same month construction began on 151 units, a day care center, and a washerette.

Other ministers who made their contribution to the forward march of Sandy Run Missionary Baptist Church were Rev.  A. G. Mullen, Rev. Cleophis Wright, and Rev. Johnny Pearson. 

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 Sandy Run Missionary Baptist Church is a place of learning and fellowship. We are a church dedicated to teaching the truth of God's Word. Our mission is to love and serve God through Jesus Christ our Savior by the power of the Holy Spirit. To be committed to reshaping the lives of our families, our church, and our communities through biblical worship, discipleship, and evangelism. 


In 2004, Rev. Joel D. Churchwell was called to its pastorate. As a teaching, community-minded pastor, he believes "one of the focuses of our church's mission is to lead people to a greater relationship with Jesus Christ by making disciples through teaching, preaching, serving, and evangelizing using God's infallible and inerrant Holy Word as the foundational tool for all of our ministries."

Under his leadership and by God's grace the following has occurred in the building up of God's Kingdom: 

  • implementation of a Sunday School Teacher Training curriculum with an addition of four new Sunday School classes 

  • implementation of a Men's and Women's Life Enrichment studies

  • implementation of Youth Summer Enrichment program 

  • creation of the church newsletter, Reflections of Sandy Run Missionary Baptist Church 

  • birthing of an Evangelism Ministry 

  • establishing a Young Adult Ministry 

  • establishing only certified Christian Leadership School in North Carolina; completing all requirements for Dean certification under the auspices of the Sunday School Publishing Board of National Baptist Convention, Inc. 

  • fostered partnerships in the community with the Jacksonville City Public Safety Director

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in September 2018 that destroyed the sanctuary, the membership embarked upon a building project to construct a brand new 22,000+ square foot facility. 

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