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Streaming on Facebook Live Sunday Worship at 8:30 a.m. Eastern


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“SRMBC is a spiritual blessing. You will learn the importance of discipleship, love, and coming to a place of healing and restoration. Pastor Churchwell is knowledgeable about the WORD and inspires us to help each other."

Latonia Carter

“Pastor Churchwell is a Man of God who preaches and teaches the word of God. He brings the word of God to life to all who attends whether it be the elderly, adult, or youth. As well as the church has a diverse congregation of ministers, deacons, and worshipers who love the Lord and love to serve. There are numerous ministries to join as well as Christian Leadership classes to attend to help you grow in your spiritual walk. Sandy Run Missionary Baptist Church is a wonderful church to worship and serve the Lord."

Bobbi Shead

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